Slow Carb Diet Toolbox

Privacy Policy

  1. Ajfek Software, based in Katowice, Poland, at Wincentego Wajdy Street 18/13, collects anonymous data about how you use the „Slow Carb Diet Toolbox” app, e.g. which screens you spend most time on, how often you use the app etc.
  2. Ajfek Software DOES NOT collect, store, backup or share data you entered into the app. Your personal information stays on your device.
  3. By using the app you confirm you know of the fact that data is being collected and you give your consent.
  4. Data collected helps to improve the app in the future updates and fix bugs.
  5. Ajfek Software uses following third party services and shares some of your data with them:
  1. All your legal rights are being honored and are properly executed.
  2. If you need assistance or knowledge in regard to how we use your data, please do not hesitate to contact us using this form.

Date of document: 2018/10/09